How to upload large files to GitHub repository

This article is solely for newbies in Github regarding how to push large files to your Github repository.

GitHub does not allow us to upload files larger than 25 megabytes through the browser. If you try you may get an error as follows.

Github error message when try to upload large files
Error message

Nevertheless, you can push larger files into your Github repository using the git bash terminal as follows, in just 8 steps.

Step 01

Download and install Git on your pc.

Download link:-

Step 02

Then download and install GitLFS on your pc.

Download link:

Step 03

Now clone your Github repository to your local machine.

For this,

First go to your repository and copy the ‘clone/download’ URL.

Copy the clone or download URL
Copy the clone or download URL

Next, create a new folder in your pc wherever you prefer: this is to clone the copy of your Github repository to your pc.

Then right-click the background and click ‘Git Bash Here’ as follows.

Opening Git Bash terminal
Opening Git Bash

Then run the following command in the bash terminal opened.

     $ git clone link you copiedEg:- $ git clone

Close the bash terminal and, now you have successfully cloned your GitHub repository to your local machine.

The repository named NewRepository has cloned successfully
The repository named NewRepository has cloned to the local machine

Step 04

Go to inside the cloned repository. (If you want to upload the file to another folder already created inside the repository, then go to that folder)

Right-click the background and again click ‘Git Bash Here’.

Run the following command

    $ git lfs track “.fileextensionEg: If I want to upload a pdf file, then
$ git lfs track “.pdf

Step 05

Then copy the file you want to upload, into repository or folder in the repository.

Step 06

Then run the command,

     $ git add filename.fileextensionEg:- $ git add TheGuid.pdf

Step 07

We should log into Github to push the file to the repository, run the following commands.

     $ git config — global user.emailyou@example.comEg:- $ git config — global “

For this use your email address used in Github account.

     $ git config — global user.nameyour nameEg:- $ git config — global “George Bernard”

For this use your name in Github account. You can find your email and name in the settings of the Github account.

Then a window will pop out asking your Github email/user name and password. Enter the credentials and submit them.

Step 08

Now run the following command.

     $ git commit -m "add filename.fileextension"Eg:- $ git commit -m “add TheGuid.pdf

Next run,

     $ git push origin masterThis command will start the uploading the file.

You will notice the progress of the uploading in the bash terminal as follows

progress of file upload shown in bash terminal
Progress of file upload

After uploading is finished, you may notice the file is uploaded to your GitHub repository, successfully.

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